A giveaway, (kinda)

So today I have a giveaway of sorts. If you live in Colorado, Kansas City, Michigan or Chicago, that is.

Remember back in January, when I started getting food delivered from Door to Door Organics? Well, I’ve been getting a yummy box every Friday since, and I’m quite happy with it. The apples are a little questionable sometimes, but I’m also VERY picky when it comes to fruit, and apples in particular. Just being honest. Otherwise, the produce is awesome, and I’ve tried some great new foods and recipes.

Here’s the giveaway part: Door to Door Organics is allowing current customers to invite friends to try their first box of food for 50% off. The offer is good for 1,000 “friends” (basically, anyone reading who lives in one of the service areas listed above, can be my friend!), through March 31. All you have to do is comment on this post, and I’ll send you an invitation.

FYI, except for being a customer, I have no affiliation with Door to Door Organics. I’m just passing on an opportunity to sample some organic fruits and veggies. If you’re interested, ask me for an invite. You can also check out their site for more info on services.

The best part? For every redeemed invitation, Door to Door donates 5 lbs. of organic produce to Food Bank of the Rockies in Denver. Cool.


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