Winter wonderland

I mentioned we went to Breckenridge last weekend with some friends and family, but didn’t have many pictures to share. Now I do! Thanks to Serena, who has an awesome camera, and shared all of the hundreds (seriously) of pictures with me. Since it’s Friday, and you might be looking for a little weekend inspiration, I thought you’d like to hear about the trip. If you don’t live in proximity to snow, head on out to CO for a visit! I know a great place in Breck.

We had a nice little group of six adults and four mobile kids. The fifth was an infant, and what a cutie she is!

She was such a trooper, putting up with rowdy kids (and grown-ups) and getting her snowsuit on, then off, then on, then off.

I think she was charmed by this strange plaything:

There was a definite division of the sexes on this trip, as the boys did lots of snowboarding and the girls, well, didn’t. I definitely don’t board and barely ski, and neither does Serena. My cousin, Krista, who was the third girl, is way cooler, and does ski, but she is prego, so skiing is a no-no. Instead, we did some hard-core sledding. Way more fun, anyway.

That’s Garrett and Graham, all bundled up.

Graham was my sledding buddy all day. We rocked the slopes.

As you may remember, sledding, when done right (meaning you are up and down the hill multiple times), can burn some major calories. Then you go back to your cabin, sit in the hot tub with a frosty beverage, and eat Chex Mix.

Just because I don’t ski or board doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy winter activities. In addition to sledding, I got to snowshoe a couple of times. Super fun and a great workout!

See the little snowshoe man?

Yeah, I snowshoed all up in here.

To put the cherry on this sunday of a weekend, we all did a sleigh ride, which sounds wonderful and romantic, but was also quite cold.

There’s a baby somewhere in that bundle.

Giving me the stink eye for orchestrating this activity. If you look very closely, you will see the tiniest bit of a small child’s face.

Their faces are frozen like that.

Huh. Look at that. We’re not cold.

Graham can’t be bothered with being cold. He’s too busy feeling annoyed about having his hot chocolate time interrupted with a picture.

The next day we headed back down the mountain, too soon for my taste. I could have stayed forever.

Thanks to everyone who came from near and far and made this an awesome trip. And Serena, thanks for the photos!


One thought on “Winter wonderland

  1. terry says:

    Grab your snowshoes and go to the snow!!! Grab your flying saucer or sled and head to the snow!!! You are right!
    That is a great exercise and so invigorating!!! (Memorable too!)
    Colorado…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… is truly breathtaking!!!!
    The sleigh ride…even though it was cold…..was a very wonderful addition to your adventure!!!
    Again…..another inspiring blog from you…!

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