One fit mommy

Usually I shy away from describing myself as a “mommy.” “Mom,” or on a good day, “super hot chick who inexplicably has two kids trailing after her,” is more my style. But when Lisa at Workout Mommy asked if I’d answer some questions for her series, One Fit Mommy, I was honored. If there is any kind of mommy I’d like to be, it’s a fit one. Check out the Q&A, here.

I don’t regularly follow a ton of fitness blogs (yet?). I read a lot about health and fitness in other formats, but I tend to save my fairly new blog habit for interior design sites, such as Young House Love (the blog that started it all for me), and House*Tweaking. There are a couple of foodie sites I like to check sometimes, and I have a heart wrenching addiction to An Inch of Gray. Click that link at your own risk. The author, Anna, lost her 12-year-old son last fall, and even though it depresses me, I can’t stop reading. She writes so beautifully about love, grief and parenting. I feel invested at this point.

But anyway, back to Workout Mommy. I really like what I see there. It’s where I got the inspiration for my M.I.L.F. post, and I also really like this post, about workouts you can do with your kids. The #2, deck of cards workout is ingenious! I will be trying that one when I’m trying to kill some time during spring break.

Just to make this post a little more random, and because pictures always spruce things up, here are a few shots from two recent hikes I did with the family.


3 thoughts on “One fit mommy

  1. Bev says:

    Like I’ve said so many times before … this is why you have two boys and I just had a girl. No way would I have my kids slogging through muck like that. But, I say good for you!! Muck washes off, but memories remain.

    • wishfit says:

      I don’t want them tromping through the house like that, but I don’t mind when it’s in Mike’s truck! 🙂 I just tell them, “get all wet and muddy if you want, but don’t complain to me if you get cold.”

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