Can’t stop smiling

Wow. What a great day!


Today, I had two excellent things happen:

1. This morning I passed the first part of a three-part exam I must complete before I can call myself a Wellcoaches Certified Wellness Coach. Not only did I pass, I scored a 91. Yeah me! That must mean I know the secrets to making everyone well. Or maybe, so far, just 1/3 well. It’s a start. When I’ve passed the other two parts, I’ll write a full post with more details.

2. In celebration of passing my written exam, and because Thursday is my birthday, I went out and got myself a little somethin’ somethin’.

Technically, Mike got it for me, as my birthday gift. Details.

You might remember that in this post, I talked about some of my goals for the new year. Buying this camera helps fulfill a couple of those goals–both personal and professional–specifically:


  1. grow wishfit to include more (and more professional) photos, more step-by-step exercise tutorials, how-to information and inspirational stories, just to name a few ideas.
  2. take at least one professional development class.


  1. take at least two classes just for fun, such as a yoga workshop, cooking class or outdoor survival skills.

Prior to buying the camera, I took a three-hour beginner DSLR photography class. I hoped to get an idea of what camera I wanted, as well as some basics to get me started shooting. It was an awesome class, and gave me lots to get excited about. I’ve been researching cameras ever since, and when I saw an awesome deal at Costco, I went for it. Happy Birthday to me!

So not only have I purchased a great camera to help me improve photo content here, I also took a class that was both fun, and professional development. Two birds with one stone (and there are a LOT of birds on my shirt, ha ha).

Oh yeah, and another one of those professional goals was to:

  1. finalize my Wellcoaches certification and begin working with clients by March 2012

I didn’t quite meet the timeline on that, but I did get all of my exams scheduled by the March deadline, and if all goes well, should be ready to go in the next few weeks. So even though I’m a little behind schedule, I still feel really good about it.

How about you guys? Have you accomplished any goals lately? Do you have a March 29th birthday? I have two friends who share the day with me, and I totally love it.


7 thoughts on “Can’t stop smiling

  1. terry says:

    You will LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your camera. (I have a Rebel too and it goes with me wherever I go!)
    The long-range lens will be great for sports too….
    Have fun….!

    • wishfit says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! And for reading. I know what a whirlwind you are in right now. I’ve been peeking at pictures on Facebook, and your daughter is gorgeous! And YOU look amazing! You need to come for a visit and I can use you as a model for a post 🙂

  2. shelley says:

    Congratulations !!! You should be so prouf of yourself. And I bet Mike is very proud of you, too. Happy Birthday.

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