Weekend shenanagins

Yowza! Things have been jumpin’ around here. Mike got back from another work trip today (two weeks in Brazil–life is tough), and there were lots of changes to greet him. A few sneak peeks:

Notice clues in this photo?

Or this one?

More details to come sometime next week, along with the final reveal.

Also, I scored this bad boy (girl?) for $15 at the same place I got my 5 dolla chair.

It may not look like much now, but do you see the potential? I’ve been looking for a piece like this for oh, about a year.

And finally, this impulse buy from craigslist. I’m still not quite sure how I decided to purchase this train table; it’s kind of a blur. But $40 later, I’ve got it moved into the boys’ room, and the re-design ideas are flowing. Chalkboard paint is involved.

Please excuse the poor photo quality. These were iPhone shots, sent to my helpless, and unsuspecting husband. That’ll teach him to go away for two weeks. Ha!

In addition to spending time this weekend brainstorming, we will also be hosting a small birthday bash for my main man Graham. He’s turning four.

Last year my parents were here from California to help us celebrate. Papa brought balloons.

This year, Graham was pretty sure that birthday = Papa shows up with balloons, which is a challenge when Grandma and Papa live a few thousand miles away. What Graham doesn’t know is that Grandma and Papa are flying in tomorrow morning to surprise him with a repeat balloon delivery. Should be awesome.

Here’s a few pics of today’s birthday preparations:

Ginormous cake pan.

Batter filling the ginormous cake pan. This is actually yellow cake, tinted and swirled with brown coloring. For the last few months Graham has been consistently asking for a cake with “dirt, rocks, trees and grass.” I have never attempted a cake of this magnitude, so I may or may not be sharing photos of the completed cake. I do have big plans, however. Wish me luck.

Some flowers Mike brought me when he got home from his trip today. “Because I missed you, and for Mother’s Day and stuff.” I’ll take what I can get.

The flowers Graham chose for his birthday party. I lined the dining room table with butcher paper because I thought it would be a fun way to protect the table and decorate.

This morning Graham drew this family photo (can you guess which one is Mike? Hint: he’s bald). Graham is the little one on the end, wearing a “birthday hat,” and holding a balloon in his hand. That’s a rain cloud over our heads. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, which put the kibosh on our outdoor, picnic party. Oh well. When you live in Colorado, you take the good and the bad.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. It’s always hectic when Mike travels, and I never get as much work/blog stuff done as I want, but I definitely keep busy.

Oh, and btw, don’t worry that wishfit is turning into a decorating/diy/home improvement blog. I just get excited about some of the projects I do, and like to share them. Having fun, being creative, and trying new things keeps me feeling excited and accomplished. Plus, if you’ve ever painted a loft by yourself, rearranged a bedroom, or refinished furniture, you know all of those things are pretty tiring.

Good night.


8 thoughts on “Weekend shenanagins

  1. Lindsey Mackey says:

    You are a pretty darn cool mom! The house looks great. Happy Mother’s Day, and Happy Birthday to Graham 🙂

  2. Chrissy says:

    Happy 4th Graham!! The house looks great! Have fun with grandma and grandpa! But you know two years in a row equals a tradition.

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