Watch The Weight of the Nation

A few weeks ago, I attended an advance screening of “Consequences,” the first of four films from HBO’s The Weight of the Nation series. All of the movies premiered on HBO May 14 and 15, but don’t worry if you missed them. You can now watch all four of the feature-length films, plus 12 short films, online or via HBO On Demand. I haven’t watched any of the others yet, but I can assure you I will. Probably starting tonight.

There’s a wealth of information in the first film, and I assume the rest are just as revealing. I’m sharing a few snippets from the films in the hopes that something grabs your attention. Each are only a minute or two long, but contain valuable insights.

The first clip shows the progression of obesity in America.

The second clip quickly simplifies important information about calories.

The final clip gets to the heart of childhood obesity.

It’s this last one that hits me the hardest. Sometimes I feel like a weirdo compared to other parents. Like, why don’t I just chill out a little bit, and not get so bothered about the junk that bombards my boys on a daily basis? It’s just a sports drink here, a little bit of candy there. Who cares, right?

Then I watch a clip like that one, and I realize that yes, what our children consume is a big deal. It’s a HUGE deal. Maybe even the most important issue facing our kids today, and we must stand up for them. We must do more. Frankly, I’m probably not extreme enough, though I do my best to create a healthy balance. Obviously I’m not against birthday cake! But if we don’t stay vigilant and support each other as a community, it’s much too easy to let junk food take over our diet.

So please, watch the movies. Think about the kids in your life. Brainstorm some small ways you can make a difference right away.


5 thoughts on “Watch The Weight of the Nation

  1. terry says:

    I just watched the first mini-film that you suggested.
    It is shocking.
    I wish that every teacher, doctor, Mom, Dad, etc. could watch it too.
    Your approach to getting healthy makes so much sense.
    Thank you for always suggesting resources and encouraging your readers to become passionate
    about their own health.

  2. terry says:

    I just wanted to add a quote from the movie….”Obesity will crush the US into oblivion!!!!”
    The statistics just from 1980 are unbelievable!!!!
    We, as a nation, must take what you and this movie….. are telling us….seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish that you could have a TV show or a column in a major newspaper. We need to wake up this
    sleeping nation!!!!
    You are awesome….keep on keeping us inspired!!!!

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