Snack attack

Garrett had his first baseball practice of the season last night. Mike is coaching again this year, and we’ve named the team the Honey Badgers. Yes, that kind of honey badger. Warning, if you aren’t familiar with the viral YouTube honey badger video, and you have, shall we say, delicate sensibilities, you probably don’t want to click on that link.

The team is stepping up a notch this year, moving from modified t-ball to coach-pitch. The boys are older, more coordinated, more focused. They expend more energy. They’re hungry. I don’t mean they have a hunger to win, or play, or whatever. I mean they want to eat a lot. A LOT.

Garrett and Graham seem to be in constant need of food or drink. They desperately gulp water as though they’ve been wandering the desert for days. They inhale one, two, three rounds of food at mealtimes. Mike tells me this is just the beginning. Yikes!

With summer sports season upon us, and two energetic boys needing replenishment, I started thinking about post-game snacks. Ever since Garrett began playing organized sports a couple of years ago, the snack situation has bothered me. I mean, what happened to water and orange slices? Now it’s fruit roll-ups, processed snack packs, and juice boxes. Once someone even brought a big box of full-sized chocolate cake donuts to a 12 pm soccer game. Donuts. Chocolate donuts. Wrong on so many levels I had a hard time containing myself. But contain myself I did.

See, these situations upset me a lot, but I also have a hard time speaking up. I’m not sure how to voice my concerns without sounding holier-than-thou. Bitchy. So I’m left biting my tongue, feeling frustrated and angry. Like I said yesterday though, the health of our kids is in jeopardy, and it’s time for us all to take action. Even if it makes us uncomfortable. Even if people get upset.

So last night at baseball practice, while talking with the other parents about a snack schedule (oh, what has my life become?), I nervously suggested we try to keep the snacks healthy. Water, fruit, string cheese, stuff like that. And guess what? They agreed. They didn’t think I was crazy (at least they didn’t act like they thought it), and a few people even had their own junk snack horror stories (really, what has my life become?). We’ll see how it plays out. There were only a few of us talking, so it’s hard to say if the whole group will get on board. You can’t dictate people’s choices, and everyone has a different idea of healthy, but it felt good to speak up.

Do the kids in your life play sports? Is there a troublesome snack situation? Have you had to buy a second refrigerator and take out a home equity loan to feed your growing boys?

Speaking of food, I think I need a snack. Donuts anyone? Have a great weekend!


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