So sad

We love Colorado. The mountains, the fresh air, the abundance of outdoor activities, the friendly people; even the weather is awesome. It’s real weather. Seasons change, snow falls, the leaves turn golden, and thunderstorms roll in on warm summer afternoons. It’s awesome.

Sometimes though, that weather gets a little too awesome. Right now, you may have heard about the awful wildfire raging near Fort Collins, to the north of us. The air is smokey and there’s a haze covering the mountains. Officials are saying it’s the fire they always feared.

Photo by: Ed Andrieski, AP

They’re not sure how the fire sparked, but temperatures have been hot, and winds have been gusty. Just last week though, we had cold, rain, tornado warnings and hail. HAIL. It’s crazy here.

That hail did a number on my small little garden experiment.

Remember these photos from just a few weeks ago?

Now they look like this

The strawberry plants took the worst hit. They were actually producing fruit, which the kids were monitoring daily, sharing a newly ripe strawberry or two. The tomato plants look pretty bad, but I’m hoping most of that damage is just on the surface, and new leaves (and tomatoes?) will sprout sometime this summer.

Clearly, I have perspective on this. I realize my $10 container garden experiment is small potatoes (ha) compared to the devastation of wildfire. I’m also sure that unpredictable weather has a much larger impact on real farmers. Cutting back the hail battered leaves from my plants, herbs and flowers, I actually thought a lot about those real farmers; how what we see as a crazy cool storm can mean a whole crop ruined for them.

I’m not sitting around feeling sorry for myself or anything. I just thought you might want to know why my glorious produce may not be making its debut here anytime soon.


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