Happy trails

Hi friends. Summer is in full swing and I’m trying to seize the day and all that. Today, instead of going to the gym (which I’ve been doing every day, and making some progress, I might add!), I decided to hit the trail.

Not only is it fun to get out and explore new trails, I also kinda consider it my job. Except I don’t get paid. Gotta figure out how to address that one tiny detail.

Anyway, we went to Reynold’s Ranch Open Space, outside of Conifer, CO: a new spot for us. There are a lot of short hikes that seem to criss-cross each other, and a lot of it is fairly flat. We did hit some elevation gain toward the end, and also saw a great trail that headed up, up, up, but it was closed for some kind of construction. Another day.

The wildflowers are starting to pop in that area, and we saw tons of butterflies.

There’s my token wildflower/butterfly photo. Mike would be disappointed if I didn’t include at least one flowery nature shot. You might think I’m joking about that, but I’m not.

Hiking with Graham kids isn’t always the most vigorous exercise, but it’s still a fun experience, and a nice change from the gym. Plus, it’s laying the foundation (I hope) for a lifetime of outdoor pursuits for my boys. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, not everyone likes/excels at team sports. And even if they do, finding many ways to enjoy exercise is crucial to a lifetime of being fit and active.

Speaking of team sports, time to get ready for baseball. Have a happy Thursday.


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