Time flies

when you’re having fun writing a blog.

Photo: fairy-cakehouse.blogspot.com

Make a wish and blow out the candle, because today wishfit is one year old!

When I posted that first piece one year ago, I had no idea this blog would become my passion. Wishfit started as a way to encourage myself to write and keep involved in the field of fitness while I wasn’t working. We’d just moved back to Colorado, and I was missing my job, my friends, and a life outside of being mom. Mike was traveling a lot for work, and I was going a little stir-crazy. Over this past year, wishfit has given me a sense of purpose, a forum to hopefully inspire others, and a good reason to try harder, experience more, and live a healthier life. I’ve met some inspiring people, and had the opportunity to be part of some exciting things. I don’t plan to stop now! I’ve got big plans, and though I don’t know how long it will take to make them a reality, I’m sure enjoying the journey.

Thanks so much for coming with me, especially all of you early supporters who spread the word and helped wishfit grow.


4 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. Bev says:

    Hard to belive it’s been a year already. But it’s been a very successful first year for Wishfit. I’ve enjoyed reading every single post. Your knowledge, voice, personality, and passion come to life through your words and images. I love the way you present your own perspective on health news and research. And, nothing’s better than readlng about your outings and projects, and all the fantastic photos that illustrate them. Love seeing pics of those boys!! Keep up the great work. I hope all your WISHES come true!

  2. carolbaxter says:

    Congrats on your first year! I knew you could do it. Love reading your posts and enjoying your photos. Here’s to year #2!

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