Celebfit–Jessica Biel and Stacy Keibler hit the beach (not together; that would be too much)

It’s summertime, and the stars are out–waaayy out–flaunting toned bikini bods at the beach. As if having loads of money, access to the latest fashion, and dating the hottest men around wasn’t enough to separate them from the rest of us.

Yeah, that shot of Jessica Biel makes me cry a little inside.

This one makes me full-on bawl! I mean, seriously girl, how is that even real? If anyone can lock down Justin Timberlake, it’s Jessica Booty Biel.

Then we have the lovely Miss Keibler.

I want to like her. I mean, how cute is that hat? And she was a wrestler, so she’s gotta be pretty tough, right? That’s cool. She does seem a little desperate with George Clooney, though (not that I wouldn’t be!), which is a little wimpy. She must be aware of his pattern.

Anyway, it’s not her clingy relationship habits I’m here to talk about; it’s the dietary ones. Specifically, this quote, which appeared in People Magazine’s recent “Hollywood’s Hot Bodies 2012“:

When I was in Mexico, this amazing chef made a tequila ice cream, so I had two spoonfuls, just to try it. I definitely did a few extra minutes of cardio the next morning.

Ahhh, where to begin dissecting that quote? It certainly doesn’t put any points in the “Like” column for me (I’m sure she’s heartbroken about that).

My initial reaction is that she’s trying to sound righteous. Then I glanced at those abs and decided she’s probably being sincere. Which is kind of sad. The rest of the People article examines Keibler’s average daily diet, including caloric intake; then a dietitian weighs in on how healthy it is. The verdict on Keibler is that though her diet is organic and nutrient-rich, she could eat 800 more calories a day and not gain weight. 800! That’s insane. Stacy, you are in Mexico (and Italy, for crying out loud) with George-stinkin’ Clooney, and you are depriving yourself of 800 calories of indulgence!

Oooh. Sorry. Got a little carried away there. All I’m saying is that she doesn’t have to be quite so tight to be so tight. Weight management (and weight loss for that matter), boils down to one very simple concept: calorie balance. If you are taking in more than you are burning off, you will gain weight. But if you are maintaining an 800 calorie deficit, you have a lot of room to play around with food in your diet. Now that doesn’t mean you should eat vats of tequila ice cream every day, but two bites of ice cream shouldn’t send you into a guilt spiral.

Keibler’s enjoyment of life isn’t my only concern here, however. I don’t like the message she is sending with that quote. It’s extreme, and I think it adds to the idea that having a fit and sexy body means a life of constant deprivation, and “paying” for your “bad” food choices with extra exercise. Does looking like a knock-out in a bathing suit require dedication and hard work. Definitely. Being aware of what you eat and balancing that out with physical activity is necessary, and something more Americans should do. Do you need to sacrifice 800 extra calories a day, and a little joy in the form of tequila ice cream in Mexico? No, I don’t think you do. Or, at least she doesn’t.


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