Crested Butte recap

What an amazing trip. Every time we go to Crested Butte, I love it even more. This time we discovered a couple of new spots, along with visiting some old favorites.

In my farewell post last week, I mentioned we were robbed of several camping essentials. Once Mike was able to shake off his crabitude we were on the road. (remember, however, that bad things often come in threes).

Stopping at this great little breakfast burrito stand about an hour into our drive did wonders for the mood in the car.

This apple cider fruit shake with whipped cream a couple of hours later put Graham in a vacay state of mind.

Once we got to camp, we were ready to relax and celebrate what was left of the 4th of July. Without fireworks. Or sparklers. Or parades. But we did have a super sweet rain shelter courtesy of Mike and his mad engineering skills. And yes, that is a square of turf you see on the ground. We really do it up right.

After completing our campsite set-up, the kids rode their bikes a bit and Mike and I soaked in the fresh mountain air.

Because sitting is only appropriate when there is nothing else to do, Mike decided to make the most of what clear sky was left for the day and take Garrett fishing in some nearby streams.

But not before running over Graham’s bike and destroying one of the training wheels. Let’s see, #1) stolen alcohol; #2) smashed training wheel. Dun, dun, dun.

When the boys came back from fishing several hours later, #3 was almost immediately evident. Mike managed to get his truck stuck in the mud, almost to the top of the wheel well. His floor mats were ruined, the result of shoving them under the wheels in an effort to gain traction in the mud. The inside of the truck was so muck-splattered, it looked like someone had sprayed the interior with a mud hose. It was almost funny. Actually, it was funny, mostly because I was safe and clean back at the campsite the whole time this mud fest was taking place.

The rest of the trip went off without a hitch, and we had a spectacular time.

Because Mike rendered Graham’s training wheels useless, he was forced to learn to ride his bike like a big boy. He was amazing!

We had planned to stay a little longer, but by Friday night, we were getting seriously dumped on, so Saturday we packed up the wet gear and headed back home. Another Crested Butte trip in the books. And what an exciting trip it was.

I know this post is photo-heavy, but this is really just a small sample of all the pictures we took. Looking back, there are definitely a lot of Morgan pictures: partly because she is just so darn photogenic, and partly because at 13, I have a feeling her camping days are numbered.

Hope you all had a safe, happy, and festive holiday/weekend.


8 thoughts on “Crested Butte recap

  1. bhthorn says:

    Oh my goodness … what amazing shots of so much fun! Bummer about the mud incident; that must have been a treat for the guys. (Not!) If I weren’t already super-excited about our upcoming visit, these gorgeous photos of the family and the scenery would sure put me in a “vacay state of mind.” I wouldn’t even need an apple cider fruit shake with whipped cream.

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