Exploring Granby, Colorado

I’m enjoying a Colorado summer. In addition to the usual day hikes and local exploration, we’ve planned a few extended trips in our favorite state. You know we went to Crested Butte over the 4th of July, and over the last few days, we’ve been packing in some family time and activities in Granby, CO.

There’s the whole crew: me and my boys, my parents, and a whole Wisconsin contingent, including my aunt and uncle, my cousins, and their families. Quite a hiking group, huh?

We had such a great time, hiking, going to the rodeo, more hiking, and my favorite: horseback riding!

Next up are a couple of backpacking trips for Mike and Garrett, and then a long weekend in September spent at an old ranger station. That one should be really cool.

I hope you are having an action-packed summer where you are too. Having family in town is a good excuse to play tourist, and do some fun activities you might not normally do. But even if you don’t have summer visitors, opportunities to see and do new things are all around you. Check out local “Best Of” articles or websites, search online for parent forums or blogs with ideas for your area, or visit your neighborhood bookstore and head to the “Local” section for hiking or entertainment resources near you.


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