Stay on a healthy track during your summer vacation

Yesterday my parents headed back to California after an extended stay in Colorado. You know we spent a few days exploring Granby last weekend, then my mom and dad came down to my house for the rest of the week. Yet even with a few evenings out, plus my Dad’s gourmet cooking, and a looser schedule than usual (meaning I didn’t stick to my typical get to the gym every day routine), I didn’t gain any weight.

With a few easy adjustments, you can keep your weight in check while on vacation or hosting guests.

  1. Plan ahead: I’m generally a big fan of getting weekly workouts on the calendar, and vacation is no different. I know, I know, summer vacation is supposed to be about unwinding and giving yourself a break from to-do lists and over-scheduling, but I bet you still plan some sight-seeing excursions, and have at least a general outline of your days. So, before you even leave for your trip (or guests arrive), look for small chunks of time when you can sneak in a workout.
  2. Let your location inspire you: don’t sweat it out at your hotel gym if  you are on a beach somewhere! Walk or run on the beach. Or in the mountains. Or through the city streets. Use your workout as another (fun!) opportunity to explore your destination, and experience things a little more like a local. If you’re hosting out of town guests, take them places that involve walking: the zoo, an aquarium, a botanic garden or a museum.
  3. Think about your meals: rather than eating each meal with reckless abandon, think about what splurges really matter to you. In Italy? Of course you’ll want to indulge in wine, pasta, and gelato. But do it every day, all day, and you’re in trouble. If I were going to Italy (oh, how I wish), I’d keep my meals light all day, and then enjoy my dinner with gusto! Decide what foods/drinks you can’t miss, and then make smart choices the rest of the time.
  4. Relax: it is vacation after all! Don’t worry about sticking to the same strict workout schedule you keep during “real life” (unless you enjoy that sort of thing). Look for creative ways to stay active, stay moving, and practice some moderation, and it should all balance out in the end.

Here’s what I did while my parents were visiting: I kept to some of my regular workouts and classes, added in a couple early morning walk/run workouts in the nearby open space, stayed moving by visiting the town of Boulder, the Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanic Gardens, and cut back on meals throughout the day so I could enjoy some rich dinners.


2 thoughts on “Stay on a healthy track during your summer vacation

  1. Erin Grant says:

    Funny your should write about this! I have another tip I just put into action. My mom has been here since Friday. Whenever she comes for a visit meals are sporadic and we often wind up ordering takeout (like pizza) or going out to dinner. Early last week I decided to plan ahead so we wouldn’t be going out to eat for convenience’s sake. I planned out a menu, prepped and froze meats for grilling, chopped a bunch of fruits and veggies and stocked up on staples. We haven’t eaten out at all and have had awesome (and healthy) dinners. I even planned an impromptu brunch yesterday for 8 people using what I had on hand. Instead of using her visit as a reason to try new restaurants, I looked at it as a reason to try new, interesting recipes. And I even doubled some dinners in order to freeze leftovers.

    • wishfit says:

      Wow! I’m impressed, not only by your healthy planning, but by your comment in general. So well written. Thanks for sharing your ideas, and recent success. Hope you are having a nice visit with your mom, and as for brunch, I wish I could have been impromptu with you 🙂

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