Things are growing around here

Yesterday, this little guy

turned into this big guy

Somehow seven years have gone by  *snap* that fast.

All he wanted for his seventh birthday was a flaming turd with sprinkles on top! Nice.

Actually, that’s a brownie pop from our favorite “meat” store, Tony’s. I got it when I was there picking up Garrett’s birthday dinner request: steak. Lest you think I’m falling down on my job as a cake mom, (see Graham’s cake, and Garrett’s cake from last year), the brownie pop was just a place-holder.

Sometime in the near future, we are going on a family camping trip to stay at an old ranger station cabin. This is meant to the real “party” for Garrett’s birthday, and I plan to make a campfire cake to take along.

Anyway, Garrett is seven now, and according to an e-mail I got from Baby Center, seven-year-olds are just the sweetest. We’ll see about that. He did get off to a good start, however.

Don’t mind the junk pile in the background of this photo; it’s just a chair barrier to keep the dog away from the planks full of rusty nails left there as the workers continue the mold riddance project.

This picture had a funky color tone to it and I couldn’t really fix it, so I just antiqued it.

The other thing that’s really growing around here? The tomatoes!

Remember when they were just dinky little plants and we wondered if they would ever grow and produce? Here’s Mr. Stripey as a newly planted baby.

And here he is, all growed up!

Lots and lots of tomatoes. A couple are almost ripe. It’s very exciting!

The other tomato plant, an beefsteak plant, has grown quite a bit, but still hasn’t produced any fruit. It does have blossoms though, so I keep waiting for fruit to grow. Even if it doesn’t, I think we’ll still have plenty of tomatoes, so bring on the tomato recipes!


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