Camping, a cabin, cows . . . and marmots?

A few posts ago, I mentioned we were planning a special camping trip which included a stay at historic Elwood Cabin.

*warning: this post contains many, many pictures. 

Well, check it off the list! We spent an extended holiday weekend exploring an area to Colorado that was new to us: the San Juan National Forrest and the Rio Grande National Forrest. Wow. It was amazeballs!  (I stole that word from E’s Giuliana Rancic. Feel free to start using it. I find it an extremely useful addition to my vocabulary).

We started our stay at Lake Fork campground on the Conejos River. That was where we encountered our first of many “wild” cows.

This dumb dumb had stumbled through our campsite mere minutes before our arrival, as evidenced by the fresh pile of cow patty in the exact spot our tent was supposed to go. Helpful wife that I am, I took charge of scooping the poop.

Not long after, I heard branches snapping, and fearful of a bear, I investigated. Nope, not a bear. Just a cow, slipping and sliding across the rocks on the river bank.

Btw, as further evidence of my awesome wifeliness, I’d like to share that shortly after I shoveled s#%t, I also shoveled up a decomposing mouse body that Garrett found under our picnic table. What can I say? Camping is awesome, and so am I.

Moving on from those appetizing subjects, let me tell you about the cake!

Part of this camping trip was a celebration of Garrett’s birthday, so I made this campfire cake the day before, and brought along the frosting and fruit roll-up flames so I could decorate it on our first night. This cake did not photograph very well, but I was actually really happy with how it turned out.

Those first two days we did some hiking and a lot of fishing. Well, Mike did a lot of fishing; the boys did some, and even I did a little.

I lost that one.

By the third day, we were done at the campsite and ready to move in to our little cabin.

That’s pretty much it. It was very small, but had room enough for two sets of bunk beds, a wood burning stove, and a small counter/kitchen space with two propane burners.

The best part was the amazing view on all sides, complete with a fire pit “front porch” and almost total solitude.

The worst part was the marmot invasion. I don’t have a picture because we never actually saw the creatures making a terrible racket, keeping us up All. Night. Long. We’re just guessing it was marmots because we did see two or three squeaking around during the day. Believe me, we popped up and looked out the window every 5 minutes from 10 pm until 3 am both nights we were at the cabin. We were sure we’d see a bear or at least an elk, which would’ve made for a much cooler story. But nothin’.

Still, I’d call our stay at the cabin a success, albeit a someone tiring one.

Morgan was in heaven, though I wish she would have done her part to keep our night visitors away. Instead, she snored.

Sleepy or no, we still made the most of our time, doing more hiking, fishing, and marshmallow roasting. We even caught a few glimpses of fall. So happy!

Despite seeing lots of animal tracks, we never did come across anything more exciting than cows. A lot of cows. Though we did notice this get the heck out of here pile of pretty fresh bear poop while on the Continental Divide trail.

Why am I the only one in my family who finds these kinds of things troubling? And why does the theme of this post seem to be poop?

I’ll leave you with one last animal photo that had me laughing and feeling somewhat guilty at the same time.

Yes, that’s my dog in a sweatshirt. Give me a break. She was really cold.


6 thoughts on “Camping, a cabin, cows . . . and marmots?

  1. terry says:

    You are the best Mommy in the whole wide world.
    The photos are grand…..and your words are hilarious.
    Your adventures are beyond fabulous.
    But the photo of Morgan at the end is totally unbelievable.
    I wish everyone could read your blog… just keep on giving inspiration!!!!

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