So You Think You Can Dance finale!

If you have never watched So You Think You Can Dance, you are insane.

There really is something for everyone: hot guys with washboard abs, hot girls with washboard abs, great music, every style of dance you can imagine (yes, even pole dancing!), and if none of those reasons quite work for you, well, there’s always Cat Deely, who was recently nominated for a hosting Emmy.

Last season was my first time really watching the show, but I was quickly hooked. I picked Melanie as the winner pretty early on, though so many of the top 10 contestants really shined.

This year I watched from the earliest auditions until last night’s finale, when Eliana and Chehon were crowned the female and male winners. I had a much tougher time choosing a favorite until closer to the end. I didn’t think this season was quite as strong, until things really started popping in the last couple of weeks.

Eliana was amazing, and just seemed to get better and better each week, though I could have gone either way between her and the other female finalist, Tiffany. Anyone who does this deserves to win just as much as the next girl!

I felt a little more strongly about the two remaining guys. Though both were incredible dancers in their own way, I had hoped Cyrus would win. He had such an amazing attitude, really pushed himself out of his comfort zone, and was so good at his own style. So. Freakin’. Good.

Somehow I doubt coming in second will hurt his career.

So, basically what I’m trying to tell you is that you should watch this show. Episodes are still available on the website, or likely On Demand. Ladies, when you are sick of the umpteenth hour of football, and you need a little fun in your life, grab a glass of wine, and curl up to watch. Or heck, even dance along (wine helps with that!). And Men, when you are tired of the umpteenth bad call from the replacement refs, and just can’t stand to see another flag thrown, go ahead and watch with your girl. You can pretend to be annoyed, but it’s hard to turn up your nose at this.


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