Hi, I’m Trish and I’m the brains behind this blog, wishfit.

“It’s never to late to become what you might have been.”

That quote, attributed to George Eliot, sums up my motto. It’s helped me make big changes, and keeps me from totally giving up hope when I feel like I’m failing miserably at achieving my goals. It reminds me that I can be the person I think I am meant to be, even if I don’t look like that person just yet.

That’s what I told myself when I decided to go back to school for a second bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology. My first degree being in journalism/English, I obviously wasn’t gifted with a keen scientific mind. It took me several tries to get through algebra, so that should tell you something about my strengths. But I became passionate about exercise and fitness, and not so passionate about sitting at a desk writing long-range marketing plans, so I just did it. I closed my eyes and took out some more student loans and just did it. With a lot of help from my incredibly patient and super-smart chemistry tutor, also known as Mike, my husband (there’s gotta be some perks right?), I made it through with my highest GPA ever. I graduated magna cum laude, about ready to pop with my first baby. Nothing says fitness like an eight-months pregnant woman waddling away with her diploma!

Ready to study with my tutor

Along the way I discovered that I’m actually pretty good at that science stuff (except for chemistry, but you don’t really need that anyway). I also found that because I don’t come from a typical athletic background, I can relate to those clients who struggle with health and fitness. In fact, those people are my favorites! It’s ok I’m not Suzy Hardbody–just makes me more relatable–right?

A lot has happened in the six years since I earned my diploma: I had that baby (you didn’t think I was still pregnant
did you?)


and this one


I moved from Rochester, NY, to Fort Collins, CO, to Carlsbad, CA and most recently, Denver, CO, where I’m excited to get back into all the outdoor awesomeness that Colorado has to offer.


My hiking buddies

Why I am qualified to tell you what to do

Along with my degree, I’m an ACSM certified HFS, personal trainer, and Les Mills certified RPM instructor. I’ve run diabetes and weight management programs, and helped clients make big changes in their health and fitness. The thrill I got watching people transform their lives, and the desire to have a bigger role in that process, lead me to start coursework to become a wellness coach. In May 2012, I officially became a Wellcoaches certified health and wellness coach, and launched wishfit wellness coaching.

 Plus, I’m a mom so I’m good at bossing people around. Sometimes they even listen.

Why I am not 

I am not an RD (registered dietician), so I have no business telling you what to eat, how much to eat or when to eat it. I do have a working knowledge of general nutrition, and may from time to time post information about healthy eating strategies or tips for improving your diet. If I’m excited about a recipe, website or meal, I’ll probably let you know. If I’m struggling with eating issues (sugar, anyone?) I’ll likely share, but beyond that, I suggest you seek advice from a professional. I’m also not a doctor, so I am in no way qualified to give you medical advice. Don’t ask me what it means when you get that funny feeling while running, or why your knee hurts when you turn just so. I DON’T KNOW. See your doctor before you begin any new exercise program, or if you have any concerns about your current physical or mental health.

Why wishfit?

How many times have you said to yourself, “I wish I was . . . thinner, blonder, prettier, wittier, a model or a major league baseball player”? You fill in the blank. I’ve probably wanted all of those things at some point (except the baseball player–doesn’t seem that fun). But mostly I wish to be more fit, (well, that and for world peace, but I’ve gotta be realistic). I’m never going to be a marathon runner, or a pro athlete and that’s ok. What I can do is try to be healthier, stronger and more motivated–a fitness goddess, if you will. I can set new goals, try new activities and get out of my comfort zone. Guess what? You can too.

Also, have you noticed my name Trish, rhymes with wish? No, you didn’t? Huh. Well my mother-in-law did, and for quite some time she has been calling me wish. So that’s kind of fun too. Shout out to Terry!


19 thoughts on “about

  1. Sarah says:

    Trish, what a great idea! You have a really nice writing voice. Look forward to hearing more!
    Bev’s yoga teacher, Sarah

    • wishfit says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! Glad you like the blog, and I hope you keep reading. Please pass it on to anyone you think would enjoy.

  2. Bill says:

    Cute kids! A really positive outlook. And, just enough self-deprecation to come off honest and interesting. Keep it going!

  3. Grandma Susie says:

    Please sign me up for regular posts! I may be a grannie but this one wants to be in shape to chase those little darlins around! I am already inspired. GS

    • wishfit says:


      Thanks for checking me out! I’ve added a button on the side of the blog that allows you to sign up for e-mails of posts. Let me know if you have any trouble with it. Thanks again!

  4. Carol B says:

    So glad I’ve been reunited with favorite trainer who motivated (and challenged) me when I needed it most. And, very happy that you found your blogging voice. I knew you would!

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