Halloween is so over . . .

and yet, I haven’t gotten to it until today. I promised an update last week, and it just didn’t happen. My parents have been visiting, I had my 20-week ultrasound, we had a weekend full of Christmas shopping (!!), soccer, and some general putzing around. Then today, Graham got yucky sick. So, you know, just general life. But somehow, it was suddenly almost a week past Halloween, and I realized I never posted pictures.

Anyway, for those of you who still care, (hi, Terry) here are a few highlights from our super, duper, funtastic Halloween Eve.

Here’s a shot of my Pinterest-inspired pumpkin head fruit kabob. Isn’t he impressive? And heavy. I carried this bad boy into Garrett’s classroom for his Halloween party and let me tell you, between the weight of the un-scooped pumpkin, the fruit, and my baby belly, it was not a light load. Still, the kids liked it (oh yes, they really did), and I thought it was pretty cool. This idea is definitely a keeper.

My partners in crime, the robber and the cop. For a little while, Graham was convinced he wanted to be the cop. No, no, no, my little friend. That would just not fit. Garrett is definitely more the cop-type, and Graham, the perfect robber.

Me, I was Mother Nature. Forgive the fuzzy picture, but that’s as good as it gets when a four-year-old is in charge of the iPhone camera. Mike was out of town until late Halloween night, so he escaped the costume trap this year. I would have made him dress as Father Time.

So that’s the recap, and now, on to the next! Doesn’t it feel like time is just flying? I need to catch my breath.

Btw, don’t forget to vote today if you haven’t already. Now that I think of it, Election Day might turn out just as scary as Halloween! Yikes!


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