What a beautiful mornin’


Yesterday was my birthday, and it did not get off to a great start. Kids don’t stinkin’ care if it’s your birthday, and you just want things to go smoothly for one day, “ONE DAY, GRAHAM!”

Graham decided yesterday was the day to have a total and complete meltdown about shoes and a backpack. Finally in the car, on the way to preschool, kicking and screaming, he says, “I don’t like you forever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever.” Wow, that’s a lot of “evers.”


After I got rid of dropped off the kids, the day improved.

I went for a nice, head-clearing walk, and practiced taking pictures of spring things with my new camera.

This last photo is just a little spring/Easter decor on my dining room table.

With my new camera, I am now an artiste!

After my photo session, I rode the train downtown to meet Mike for lunch. It was a beautiful day for Mexican food and a lunchtime margarita. With a couple hours of freedom left, I treated myself to a manicure and a pedicure, and by then it was time to retrieve the children. Thankfully, the fight had gone out of them. I even got them to behave quite nicely while I got my rings polished in a fancy, shmancy jewelry store. What can I say, it was a girly kind of day.

Last night, we relaxed on the porch, enjoying the longer daylight, and Mikey made me meatballs for my birthday dinner. That man can make a mean meatball. Good thing, because this was my birthday cake:

If you know me, you will understand why this is unacceptable. Hello, there is no “y” in “Trishie.” And that’s just the start (there was some debate, but I firmly believe the swirly frosting on the edge was chocolate!) But, you know what, I had an awesome day, I have a family that loves me, and I laughed harder about that cake than I’ve laughed about anything in awhile, so it turned out to be a GREAT birthday cake. Awesome. Totally the best. Yup.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday special.

Tonight, the Hunger Games!

Btw, we are about to end week one of a two-week spring break, so if my posts are somewhat erratic, please forgive me. I do have a fun, fresh project to share next week, as well as a new yoga resource, and who knows what else.


5 thoughts on “What a beautiful mornin’

  1. Yaz says:

    That cake is beautiful! The flowers look so real. Your husband must really love you. If it’s not too much to ask, can you share where he got it? Thanks!

  2. Bev says:

    Beautiful shots! You look like a very happy Birthday Girl, in spite of some challenging behavior and a couple frosting oopsies on your cake.

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